What’s the biggest obstacle to actually using your gym or health club membership? Do you live in Attleboro, but your gym is Wrentham? Not an easy commute, is it? Our entire staff of fitness instructors, personal trainers and nutrition counselors all agree—the more convenient a fitness center’s location is the more likely you will actually use your gym membership!

When the time arrived for our team of health care and wellness experts to select a location, we decided The NRG LAB had to provide easy access to as many members as possible.

Although extremely important, it’s not just our location and relaxing atmosphere that makes joining The NRG LAB easy and comfortable.

Why We’re Different

In addition to making it simple to visit our health club whether you live in Plainville or Sharon, we have created a truly unique experience, taking every measure to be certain you will get the most out of your NRG Lab gym membership. When you join our community you will immediately discover your goals are our goals.

Our members actually help each other reach their goals. Combine this support with our quality programming, expert coaching, personal training and nutrition counseling—on top of our sincere interest in your specific needs—and it’s easy to see why we’re truly different than any other gym or health club.

Our Vision

Here at The NRG LAB, we have a different perspective on what makes up a genuine health club experience. We incorporated everything one would expect from a traditional gym, eliminated what prevents members from achieving their goals—no intimidating young bodybuilders to discourage your efforts here—and, we added our own unique concepts including:

  • Group fitness classes designed for your specific needs
  • Constant support from our community of members and personal trainers
  • Access to nutrition counseling
  • Relaxing deep tissue massage
  • Dermaplaning and facials
  • Laser hair removal

…but all of the above isn’t what makes us different from the gyms you joined in the past.