In recent times, yoga has taken the entire world by storm—but it is actually an ancient practice. It was formulated over five thousand years ago in India and has since evolved throughout the centuries into the meditative fitness routine that people know today. Though there is no singular definition of what it is, yoga is a philosophy and a way of life for many people. It boasts many benefits—spiritually, physically, and mentally—which is why it transcends cultures and is practiced all over the world.

Yoga can improve your flexibility, balance, cardiovascular health, and even your athletic performance. It also boosts your immunity and blood flow while it strengthens your muscles and perfects your posture. Yoga likewise lowers blood sugar and helps you to concentrate and focus. If you have trouble sleeping at night, yoga can help you sleep deeper because of its meditative benefits.

Interested in doing yoga? At NRG LAB, we offer more than 16 yoga classes per week included in your Membership. NRG LAB Yoga schedule Not all Yoga offerings are equal and it is always best to join a class in a top-notch gym, so that a certified instructor can guide you through the postures and proper body alignment.  At NRG LAB, our certified instructors have a minimum of 300 trained hours of experience and exclusively teach in our Mind Body studio. What does this mean? NRG LAB has a dedicated Mind Body studio committed to Yoga, Barre and Mat Palates so you will not be sharing your space with the previous Zumba class residue. Experience is everything!

At NRG LAB, we offer a number of yoga classes that vary in terms of goals and difficulty. The recommended program for those who are new to yoga is the Yoga Basics class, which gives you an introduction to the postures, names, proper alignments and the benefits of yoga. Another class suitable for beginners is Hatha Flow, which is slightly less challenging and focuses on the breathing and concentration. This is ideal for those with little practical experience on the yoga mat. NRG LAB also offers Vinyasa Yoga, which connects the breathing with the movement. This class is more athletically-oriented compared to the other classes. For those who want a little more challenge, there’s also Yoga Power Hour and Broga, which are both tough but extremely rewarding. Restorative Yoga Flow, which is softer and gentler, gets your blood racing, with the end goal being restoration and relaxation.

Want to try a yoga class and experience NRG LAB? Be our guest and begin your journey today, we make it easy. Join us with this FREE Experience Pass! We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

For more information about NRG LAB, visit us at Because Life’s a Journey.

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