Based on popular demand, our elegant spa is open to members as well as guests. The Spa @ NRG LAB. We deliver a complete rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Relax and treat yourself to a complete spa experience including body work, laser hair removal, facials, waxing—even massage therapy.

Our massage therapists and estheticians help you:

  • Decrease stress
  • Increase energy
  • Increase circulation
  • Remove metabolic waste from your muscles more efficiently
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve your immune system
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Releases endorphins
  • Relax and soften injured, tired or overused muscles
  • Reduce spasm & cramping

As an extra benefit to our non-members, after your spa treatment you’re invited to use our fitness center, visit our café for a protein shake or stop by Molecules, the NRG Kids Club. Yes, a gym with childcare! When we said we designed everything at The NRG LAB to be convenient, we meant it.

The Spa @ NRG LAB is conveniently located in Mansfield, MA, just a short drive from Easton, Foxboro, Sharon, North Attleboro, Wrentham, Plainvile, Norton and Taunton.

The Spa @ NRG LAB – By Appointment Only

For more information about The Spa @ NRG LAB, or to book your appointment, please call 508.386.9772 or feel free to email Anne Fontaine, Spa Director at

Ready to relax?

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  • Chris Meelia
    "Fantastic! All new equipment, pleasant and helpful staff. Convenient to the highway and surrounded by great shopping and dining options. By far the best option for a wonderful workout experience."
  • Heather Dawood
    "This gym is amazing..." "...With a huge class schedule, top notch instructors and a staff willing to serve and support you, NRG is a one stop shop for fitness..." "...did I mention the Fuel Station, the steam room, the spa?"
  • Little did I know that hiring a trainer at NRG Lab would change my life! My trainer has a contagious enthusiasm and I cannot help but feel energized (even when I don’t want to). I now climb stairs and get off the floor after playing with my grandchildren. I never thought I would be that person who says “I cannot wait to get the gym”. Because NRG Lab is far more than a gym, the community atmosphere here and adding personal training has made all the difference.
    Marianne S.
  • When I started with a trainer at NRG Lab, I was out of shape, overweight and had very low confidence. I got winded easily and was nervous to work out in front of anyone else. Training at NRG Lab has been a life changing experience! My trainer has opened my eyes to the things that I can do and has helped me accomplish my goals. I am 4 sizes smaller and now see myself as capable and strong.
    Jenn B.
  • Seeking a more targeted approach to our fitness goals, we decided to try personal training. Even though we had different goals, we were able to train together as a couple. Our trainer pushes to our limits each session, always upping the ante and mixing things up. We are now in the best fitness of our lives!
    Matt and Nicole B.
  • Rayna Hall
    This is an amazing gym! The staff is always helpful and smiling along with the trainers for classes, they will kick your butt but also support you to get through the class and make you want to come back. The Fuel Station is such an amazing idea and everything is all natural and tastes great you would never even think its actually healthy and good for you. I would recommend this gym to everyone.
  • Kristi Johnson
    Super clean, very friendly staff and clients, even smells good!!
  • Rocco Bruno
    I have been a member of the NRG lab for 2 years now. I have trained for all types of competition my entire life. I was a member of the "Chain Gang" this past year and had a tremendous experience. This facility is impeccable, the staff is professional and the clients are all friendly. I have finally found a home...
  • Qin Li
    Love this place! The staff and trainer are always helpful and motivating, convenient location, beautiful facility. I have been a member since 2014 and I am really excited about working out there. They offer a lot of classes from spin, TRX, Yoga to weights, even a 30 minutes Run 5k training class (I can never image myself running 5k, now I can!)

Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage therapy targets deeper muscle levels, connective tissue and adhesions. A great technique for chronic complaints; lengthens taut muscle bands and increases range of motion. Trigger Point Therapy is often used in sessions.

Sports Massage

Each session is geared toward your goals, training and sport. Perfect for targeting specific muscle groups to stimulate pre event and training and help in recovery post events. Pre, intra and post event massage is available, please contact Sheri for details.

Therapeutic Clinical Massage

Utilizing Swedish and Deep tissue techniques, this is a customized session to address acute and chronic problems. A thorough intake followed by a treatment strategy is aimed to provide you with the best customized treatment plan possible. Whether you have carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, scoliosis, sciatica, or any other structural issue, Therapeutic Massage will be geared towards your needs. Please allow an extra half hour in your schedule for your first session, as it will include your initial intake.

Relaxation Swedish Massage

Provides a feeling of relaxation and well being by softening superficial muscle groups. Heightens tissue metabolism and increases tissue nutrition. Long strokes improve relaxation and ease stress from your body.

Pre and Post-Natal Massage

For mothers-to-be in their second and third trimester, prenatal massage is a light touch that eases stress and enhances relaxation. For mothers who have given birth one month or more prior, postnatal massage an essential ingredient to healing your body after the trauma of child birth… let our skilled therapists help you along the way to guiding your musculoskeletal system back into alignment.