What is the best way to lose weight? Everyone types that question into the search engine at least once in their life. More often than not, people cut out carbohydrates and fat from their diet in an attempt to drop the pounds. But zero fat and carbs is not the sure-fire way to get to your ideal weight—in fact, such a diet can potentially harm your health. What you really need is nutrition counselling.

When you seek nutrition counselling, certified dieticians and nutritionists will give you a custom plan that will help you achieve your goal more efficiently. Some of the best gyms in the country also offer nutrition and fitness routines that you can follow to lose up to 24 pounds in the short span of 28 days. If you are within the 18 to 80 age bracket, this program offers a way to lose weight quickly, and most importantly, safely.

At NRG LAB, we don’t believe in diets! We teach lifestyle, and coach you to the better version of you. NRG LAB offers multiple nutritional programs from pre and post workout fuel to group nutritional programming guided by a food coach, to a private dietician, we make it easy.

In order to achieve that result you have been looking for, you have to approach a certified food coach who will challenge and motivate you to push yourself. They will educate and train you to achieve your best form. Our elite team of professional nutrition and fitness experts at NRG LAB will support you in achieving your ideal weight. They will provide weekly assessments and food coaching combined with delicious (and nutritious) recipes—even a customized grocery list and menu for the week. Learn More

A weekly group cardio workout is also paired with the diet. An individualized nutritional plan will not only help you lose weight, but can also improve your overall health. A healthy, balanced diet can ultimately boost your cardiovascular health, reduce bodily toxins, increase your energy, and reduce your stress. The end goal of nutrition counselling can be weight loss, but the end result is that you will be slimmer, healthier, and happier.

Want to get started and experience NRG LAB? Be our guest and begin your journey today, we make it easy. Visit us with this FREE Experience Pass!

For more information about NRG LAB, visit us at www.nrglab.com or email us at info@nrglab.com to gain more information.

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