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With programming designed for the seasoned athlete, the motivationally-challenged and everyone in between, you set the goal and we’ll remove the obstacles. We are your committed partner in wellness – join us on this journey of life.


NRG Lab’s Transformations program is a small group, high intensity interval training (HIIT), personal training program with a purpose of empowering women through total body transformation. Our program is designed to strengthen your physical, mental and emotional well being through expert coaching, programming, nutrition and accountability.



Liz Kilcoyne

Tier I
Certifications: ACE (American Council on Exercise) CPT, AEA Aquatic Fitness

I believe in keeping current with training trends and in educating my clients in the process of optimizing their training experience. By being in the right state of mind and body, you will defy your limits!

Fun Fact: Open, disciplined and high energy best describes her personality.  Clients get a keep it moving workout designed for sweat and results.

Tags: Olympic distance Tri 2017, Interval training, TRX

Brendan Quinn

Tier I
Certifications: NASM

A very outgoing trainer, Brendan brings experience from the US Army to the NRG Lab by making training both fun and challenging. Be ready to move some sandbags when working with Brendan!

Fun Fact: Before he trained people, Brendan was a professional dog trainer for 5 years.

Tags: Amp’d, Surge, Sandbags

Zach Parker

Tier II
Certifications: NASM, ONNIT Academy, Animal Flow level 1, Box N Burn, TRX level 1

Zach is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in Boxing, Steel Mace, and Kettle Bell training along with other Callisthenic workout techniques. If fight is your game, Zach will challenge you with unconventional training tools and body weight exercises utilizing functional fitness techniques to enhance pain-free longevity.

Fun Fact: Zach’s first client was himself. He managed to lose over 70 lbs and continues to stay active while pushing his fitness limits through MMA training and applying his learnings from his various certifications to his daily workouts.

Tags: Weight Loss, Boxing, Kettlebell & Steel Mace, Calisthenic Workout Techniques, Functional Training, Nutrition

Meghan Gibbons

Tier I
Certifications: BS in Nutrition and Dietetics – University of New Hampshire, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Positive energy is her specialty! Her energy and smile motivate her clients to push that much harder every session!

Fun Fact: Meghan went to school initially to become a clinical Dietitian and in her senior year realized she wanted a more interactive and physical role in health care. She is now taking courses to go back to school and get her masters in Occupational Therapy.

Tags: Circuit Training, Hiking

John McPherson

Tier IV
Certifications: Bachelor’s Degree (2002) – Exercise Physiology, ACE (2009) – American Council or Exercise, Level 2 TPI (2007) – Titleist – Performance Institute Golf Conditioning Professional, FMS (2013)- Functional Movement Screen, ACE PNF Stretch (2004), ACE Orthopedic Rehabilitation for Personal Trainers (2016)

Moving efficiently leads to a better quality of living. Constantly assessing and looking at the whole picture is the key to progressing. Golfers, more Importantly, this leads to better scores, more accuracy, less pain, and more power.

Fun fact:  Played soccer collegiately, Now enjoys coaching both his daughter’s and son’s soccer teams, as well as all of their other sporting activities. Built his own American Ninja Warrior course. As the Director of Golf Conditioning and a Golf Conditioning Professional at Harmon Golf and Fitness since 2007, he has worked side by side with some of the best Golf Teaching Professionals in the country, and golfers of all levels. Clients with 30 handicaps, +4 handicaps, Division 1 Collegiate Athletes, Women’s State Champs, 85 year old golf lifers, and everyone in between.

Tags:  Golf, Titleist Performance Institute, Harmon, TRX, Kettlebells, Functional Movement, Sandbags, Quality Movement, Corrective Exercises

Brenda Reynolds

Tier II
BS Physical Education concentration in Exercise Science, Bridgewater State

Certification:  AFAA Personal Trainer

Client’s comment that they continuously surpass goals never dared or dreamed dream before under  Brenda’s support and guidance. Her attitude, patience and persistence are infectious and will make you a believer.  

Fun Fact:  Brenda was painfully shy until she began working out.  This new lifestyle prompted a complete career change and although she initially attended college to teach Math, she returned to school to pursue her newly found passion and completed her degree in Exercise Science!
Tags:  Fun, Energy, Core Training; Dance; Pound; Marathoner, Spartan, Tough Mudder

Cori Newcomb

Tier III
BS in Health Education, UMass Lowell

Certifications:  NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, MMA Conditioning Specialist and Kettlebell Concepts One Instructor

With a “never give up, no excuses” attitude with everything she does she inspires and motivates her clients to do the same.  Set goal, achieve goal, celebrate and REPEAT!

Fun Fact: Cori met her husband at her senior prom… but he was NOT her date!

Tags: Pan Mass Challenge, TRX, Balance, Core

Sue Merriott

Tier II
Certifications: AFAA Personal Training, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

Sue creates a unique environment with her personality and passion.  Sessions are focused, energetic and results driven.  Need Motivation? Sue will create it, deliver it and secure it throughout your entire training track. Sue’s mantra is “Stay healthy, stay strong” and will inspire you to do the same!

Fun Fact:  Sue’s 3 daughters are her greatest accomplishment!

Tags:  Synergy 360; “Just do it”; Indoor Cycling; Strength Training

Justin LaLiberte

Tier I

Certifications:  AFAA Personal Trainer (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)

With an innate ability to bring folks together, training with Justin is dynamic and fun. He is driven in his own personal fitness pursuits and inspires his clients to find that passion too.

Fun Fact: Until a few years ago Justin weighed 230lbs – losing 60lbs in 1 year!

Tags: Battle Ropes; TRX; Triathlete; Ironman 2016!

Derek Martin

Tier II
Tier II

Certifications:  ACSM (American College Sports Medicine), FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

Dedication is an understatement.  Derek is a US Army Veteran and uses circuit training as the foundation to improve overall condition and undeniable results for each of his raving fans and clients!   

Fun Fact: Derek climbed Mount Olympus at the age of 40 and is working on joining the 4000 Peak Club.  He is a Jeep enthusiast and loves the outdoors.

Tags:  TRX; Circuit Training; Strength Training; Hiking, Spartan, Veteran, Dad

Evan Spiewakowski

Tier I
Certifications:  ASFA (American sports and fitness association) FMS (functional movement screen)

I believe in keeping current with training trends and in educating my clients in the process of optimizing their training experience. By being in the right state of mind and body, you will defy your limits!

Fun Fact:  Evan enjoys the challenge of repairing and rebuilding electric guitars, as well as playing, he’s been playing guitar ever since he was 11

Tags: Mio Fascia Release, Wellness Coaching, Strength, Weight Loss, Proper Warm Up Techniques

Robert Ferratta

Tier I
Certifications:  Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT), NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)

Rob is a Corrective Exercise Specialist at NRG Lab Fitness Center. Career experiences working with high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He specializes in corrective exercise, designing unique and comprehensive programs to push the body to its true capable limits. His goal is to educate and implement multi-plane exercises to engage the body to move how it is truly supposed to move.

Fun Fact:  Rob is the first member of his family to graduate from college. Interned with FC Dallas working with their Youth Academy and Professional Football Club. His clinical experiences has prepared and provided him with the essential tools to integrate difficult variations to even the simplest of exercises.

Tags: Makes Exercising Fun, Corrective Exercise, Educational, Proprioceptive Training (Muscle and Joint Responsiveness), Multi-plane Exercises

Brian Dierckson

Tier I
Certifications:  NCSF-CPT, NCSF-Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Limited Range of Motion Exercises (LROME) Certified Coach, TRX STC & FTC Qualified Coach and CPR/AED Certified

Brian has been a certified personal trainer since 2013. His journey began 11 years ago when his oldest child needed intensive physical therapy & a strength and conditioning to learn to walk. After multiple hours spent with physical therapists, chiropractors and strength coaches, his desire to teach and train others at all ages blossomed. Now almost 14 years old, his oldest is keeping up with his friends and continues to make strides daily.

Brian continues to focus on training clients of all ages and abilities, from the inexperienced gym goer, to young athletes to pre and post pregnancy fitness to the self-proclaimed gym “pro”. Brian carefully programs his workout routines to keep his clients safe, injury free and to work smarter not harder to achieve results. Brian’s clients rarely do the same workout twice and have a love/hate relationship with him as every client should with their trainer.

Fun Fact:  Brian lives in Norton with his wife (Suzanne), three children (Evan, Addison & Brody) and his two dogs (Rocksy & Willa).

Tags: Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Pre & Post Pregnancy, Athlete Training


  • Little did I know that hiring a trainer at NRG Lab would change my life! My trainer has a contagious enthusiasm and I cannot help but feel energized (even when I don’t want to). I now climb stairs and get off the floor after playing with my grandchildren. I never thought I would be that person who says “I cannot wait to get the gym”. Because NRG Lab is far more than a gym, the community atmosphere here and adding personal training has made all the difference.
    Marianne S.
  • When I started with a trainer at NRG Lab, I was out of shape, overweight and had very low confidence. I got winded easily and was nervous to work out in front of anyone else. Training at NRG Lab has been a life changing experience! My trainer has opened my eyes to the things that I can do and has helped me accomplish my goals. I am 4 sizes smaller and now see myself as capable and strong.
    Jenn B.
  • Seeking a more targeted approach to our fitness goals, we decided to try personal training. Even though we had different goals, we were able to train together as a couple. Our trainer pushes to our limits each session, always upping the ante and mixing things up. We are now in the best fitness of our lives!
    Matt and Nicole B.