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The NRG Lab offers exceptional training services to all our members,
backed by a staff of nationally certified personal trainers recognized for their abilities to teach,
motivate, inspire and, most importantly, get results.


Our members achieve results through not only their personal commitment to success,
but also through our quality programming, expert coaching and sincere interest in their individual needs.




Jerusha Hardman

Jerusha struggled with her own health and fitness when she worked a desk job out of college. A couple of children later she found she had gained weight and was not where she wanted to be. Thru her own journey she found a passion for fitness and for helping others overcome the same life pitfalls she struggled with. She returned to martial arts, went back to school and earned her certification in personal training. Jerusha has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2014. Jerusha’s passion is helping others live their best life possible.

Fun Fact: Jerusha is also an artist. During her last career she created video games.  She still does art as a hobby now.

Tags: TRX, Weight Loss, Strength, HIIT, Muay Thai Coach, KettleBells, Women’s Self Defense, Sports Nutritionist

Maria D'Agostino

Maria believes in the power of movement to inspire and uplift others. She works with her clients to make them feel good from the inside out. Move your body, eat clean, and be healthy to enjoy life.

Fun fact: Maria grew  up in Italy and often visits her family. She loves to spend time  in her vegetables garden and cooking for her family. 

Tags: TRX, Strength Training, 5K Run, Spinning, Jimmy Fund Walk 

Brenda Reynolds

Also known as the Queen B, her Client’s comment that they continuously surpass goals never dared or dreamed before under Brenda’s support and guidance. Her attitude, patience and persistence are infectious and will make you a believer.  Brenda is also our Personal Training Director. 

Fun Fact:  Brenda was painfully shy until she began working out.  This new lifestyle prompted a complete career change and although she initially attended college to teach Math, she returned to school to pursue her newly found passion and completed her degree in Exercise Science! 

Tags:  Fun & Energy, Core Training,  Dance, Marathoner & Obstacle Racer

Cori Newcomb

Cori’s motto is simple “ Set goal, achieve goal, celebrate and REPEAT!” With a “never give up, no excuses” attitude with everything she does she inspires and motivates her clients to do the same.  

Fun Fact:  Cori met her husband at her senior prom… but he was NOT her date! 

Tags: Pan Mass Challenge, TRX, Balance, Core

Laura Cunniff

In addition to being a Personal Trainer, Laura is also our Group Fitness Director. For Laura,  group fitness wasn’t just about working out, it’s the feeling of belonging to a group and being a part of something. Laura has challenged herself and acquired many certifications, creating a diverse teaching background in formats such as barbell, dance, HIIT, cycle and barre. 

Fun Fact: Laura is not the only Group Fitness Instructor in her family. At just 16 years old, her daughter received a group fitness certification.. And yes.. They have done many classes together.

Tags: HIIT, Knockout, Strength Training, Strength In Numbers, Functional Training, Recharge

Kyle Vargas

Kyle has always been fascinated by anatomy and how the human body works. This led to a career as an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. He has been training for 10 years now and loves working with clients of all types, from athletes to those who are de-conditioned or working through injuries. Kyle also has a background in martial arts and soccer. And is passionate about reaching his goals and helping others do the same.

Fun Fact: Kyle has cooperated in Amateur boxing. He is fluent in Portuguese & Spanish. Outside of fitness Kyle describes himself as just a simple family man and video-gamer.

Falo Português e Espanhol. 

Hablo portugués y español.

Tags: boxing, coordination, strength, form