Group Classes

At The NRG LAB we offer all of our members Group Fitness Classes designed to help you reach your personal goals. We focus on cardio, strength and agility ensuring a variety of class levels based on your interests and abilities.

With 2 locations servicing the Milford and Franklin areas and surrounding communities

NRG Lab has a number of dedicated studios, each with their own classes and offerings.


Group Fitness Studio Offerings (Highlights)

At NRG Lab we create/lead, never follow. Our instructors are some of the most inspiring, passionate and creative people in the industry. Are you better today than yesterday?

We are – EVERYDAY.

Total Body Strength

Weight training using dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, stability balls and/or body weight – this class has it all! Sculpt,  tone,  and strengthen your entire body. For all fitness levels.       

Vinyasa Yoga

 Links breath with movement, and class sequences will vary by instructor. A vinyasa practice tends to be more athletically-oriented so if you’re interested in trying yoga but seated meditation isn’t where you’re at right now, this is your class!

Dance NRG

A choreographed dance class featuring today’s hits. Easy to follow moves will have you smiling and shaking it! Burn as many calories as running, but have more fun! You don’t have to “know how to dance” in order to take and enjoy this class.


Karate (Offered at Milford only)

NRG Lab hosts the New England dojo of Japan Karate Do Ryobu-Kai (JKR). JKR New England is part of an international martial arts organization with branches in more than 20 countries around the world. Instruction is in a form of traditional karate called Shindo Jinen Ryu, which is not only one of the original Japanese styles of karate, but one of the very first to be recognized officially.

Training within JKR is founded on traditional methods, stressing discipline, dedication, and hard work. In addition to the punches, strikes and kicks commonly associated with karate, Shindo Jinen Ryu incorporates joint locks, throws and takedowns, making it a particularly well-rounded martial art.

Student safety is a top priority, and classes are led by Sensei Paul Belle Isle, who has been training in karate for more than 25 years and who holds 6th dan (degree) ranking.

Karate develops the body, the mind and the spirit. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Start your journey today – join us!

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Additional instruction fee required.


Spin Studio Offerings

Whether you’re new to indoor cycling or it’s a regular part of your fitness routine, we are confident you will find the programing, instructors and facility at NRG Lab to be the best indoor cycling experience in the area. Our programing combines technology with effective, consistent and purposeful instruction.

OUR EQUIPMENT Offering the smoothest, most efficient and ergonomic bikes manufactured today – by industry leader Stages Cycling.

OUR STUDIO  Dedicated studio for cycle classes, customized to YOUR individual fitness level using My Zone wearable technology. Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker and online social platform that shows and rewards EFFORT when you work out.

OUR PROGRAMMING Using the rhythm of fun and upbeat music, you will be coached to achieve the specific, purposeful workout plan for that class, using My Zone to ensure you are achieving the best fitness results.

NRG Lab brings science and consistency to your indoor cycling workout, ensuring YOUR personalized results are maximized every second you are in our studio. No matter what your fitness level or goal – from beginner to elite athlete – you will love the experience delivered through our spin studio.


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