Group Classes

At The NRG LAB we offer all of our members Group Fitness Classes designed to help you reach your personal goals. We focus on cardio, strength and agility ensuring a variety of class levels based on your interests and abilities.

Servicing Mansfield, MA and the surrounding communities of Easton, Foxboro, Sharon, North Attleboro, Wrentham, Plainville, Norton and Taunton, you’re certain to find a group class created for your specific fitness level.

NRG Lab has a number of dedicated studios, each with their own classes and offerings.

Mind Body Studio Offerings 


Yoga is all about the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Our expert yoga instructors are prepared to lead you through this rejuvenating practice at a pace perfect for your exact needs. We provide introductory yoga courses all the way through advanced vinyasa yoga classes.

Yoga Classes offered:

  • Yoga Basics – A great place to start your yoga experience. If you’re brand new or just haven’t been on your mat in a while, join one of our instructors for an introduction to yoga postures. We’ll walk you through the names of postures, correct alignment, and tell you about the benefits of a yoga practice. It’s a great place to start your practice to build a solid foundation, or a great place to keep coming back to if a less-strenuous experience is what you’re looking for.
  • Hatha Flow – If going all-out isn’t your thing, or if you just need an evening off of maxing out on your mat, join us for a hatha flow. Our hatha class is designed to be slightly less-demanding and places emphasis on breath and concentration, also making it a great option for members with less practical experience on their mat.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – Links breath with movement, and class sequences will vary by instructor. A vinyasa practice tends to be more athletically-oriented so if you’re interested in trying yoga but seated meditation isn’t where you’re at right now, this is your class! We offer heated and unheated vinyeasa classes so if you want to work up a good sweat, heated vinyasa will get the job done!
  • Yoga Power Hour – Maximize your time on your mat with a power flow! A powerful vinyasa flow will get your moving and flowing and get you in and out in 60 minutes!
  • Restorative Yoga Flow – Want to unroll your mat, but not up for an all-out sweaty flow? Join us for a softer and more gentle practice that will still get you moving, but with the goal of relaxation and restoration…. the perfect way to end the weekend and usher in a new week!


Combining a mix of pilates, yoga, dance and music, barre classes are designed to build strength and flexibility through low-impact workouts…and they’re a lot of fun, too! Barre classes incorporate upbeat music while improving your health while lifting your spirit. Private classes with our personal trainers are also available. Contact Elizabeth Kelly at for more details.

Barre Fusion

Barre is a fitness class based on both ballet and pilates techniques. The class incorporates core strengthening with muscle toning using light dumbbells.
Barre fusion is a fun energetic workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone define and chisel the whole body. Barre fusion
is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. The class is 30 minutes of Barre with upbeat music and a 30 minute abdominal workout that is meant to engage
the entire body through its routine. It is primarily made up of floor exercises that are done on a mat to soft new age music. You are welcome to come to one or both
segments of the class.

Pilates Fusion

Yoga, Pilates, and Barre techniques combining all three disciplines that will help gain strength, muscle definition, flexibility, balance, and overall mind-body health.
The class incorporates traditional mat, stability balls, bender balls, light dumbbells, body bar and or workout bands.

Karate (Offered at Milford only)

NRG Lab hosts the New England dojo of Japan Karate Do Ryobu-Kai (JKR). JKR New England is part of an international martial arts organization with branches in more than 20 countries around the world. Instruction is in a form of traditional karate called Shindo Jinen Ryu, which is not only one of the original Japanese styles of karate, but one of the very first to be recognized officially.

Training within JKR is founded on traditional methods, stressing discipline, dedication, and hard work. In addition to the punches, strikes and kicks commonly associated with karate, Shindo Jinen Ryu incorporates joint locks, throws and takedowns, making it a particularly well-rounded martial art.

Student safety is a top priority, and classes are led by Sensei Paul Belle Isle, who has been training in karate for more than 25 years and who holds 6th dan (degree) ranking.

Karate develops the body, the mind and the spirit. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Start your journey today – join us!

(For additional information, please visit

Additional instruction fee required.

Group Fitness Studio Offerings (Highlights)

At NRG Lab we create/lead, never follow. Our instructors are some of the most inspiring, passionate and creative people in the industry. Are you better today than yesterday? We are – EVERYDAY.


Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. Weight training using body bars and barbells, push-ups and planks – this class has it all. Muscle Plus classes incorporate cardio training. Muscle Fusion focuses more specifically on core work.

Dance NRG

A choreographed dance class to top 40 pop and hip hop songs. Easy to follow to moves will have you smiling and shaking it! Burn as many calories as running, but have more fun! You don’t have to “know how to dance” in order to take and enjoy this class.

Spin Studio Offerings

Whether you’re new to indoor cycling or it’s a regular part of your fitness routine, we are confident you will find the programing, instructors and facility at NRG Lab to be the best indoor cycling experience in the area. Our programing combines technology with effective, consistent and purposeful instruction. Why are we so confident? Why have be been voted the best health club in the area 4 years in a row? Community, Experience and Results! We invest in our Member’s because you deserve it!

OUR EQUIPMENT thirty (30) of the smoothest, most efficient and ergonomic bikes manufactured today – by industry leader Stages Cycling.

OUR STUDIO is outfitted with one of the most advanced power and calorie measuring tools out there, the patented Performance IQ (PIQ) system. Complete with two (2) overhead video monitors, as well as your own personalized bike computer, you are able to measure results in real time – heart rate, watts, and calories burned – all of this is customized to YOUR individual fitness level using My Zone wearable technology. We challenge you to find an indoor cycling studio that has made a bigger investment in its Member’s through technology or equipment designed specifically to help maximize your workout effectiveness thus gaining measured results.

OUR INSTRUCTORS every one of our instructors are professionals, specifically certified to teach.

OUR PROGRAMMING found only at the NRG Lab. Your Ride Leader brings a plan to every class – the details are shared with you – technique, exertion level, duration, and overall goal for every second of your ride. Using the rhythm of fun and upbeat music, you will be coached to achieve the specific, purposeful workout plan for that class, using the PIQ and My Zone to ensure you are achieving the best fitness results.

NRG Lab brings science and consistency to your indoor cycling workout, ensuring YOUR personalized results are maximized every second you are in our studio. No matter what your fitness level or goal – from beginner to elite athlete – you will love the experience delivered through our spin studio..

Specialty Program offerings:

  • Training Wheels – tailored for beginners (45 minutes – offered first week of every month only), learn how much fun spinning can be and what proper programming can do for you
  • “Off the Chain” – this is not your mama’s indoor cycling class….put the hammer down and join this cardio party on a bike (by special offering only – watch for dates and times to be announced)
  • Stamina – weekly on Thursday evenings…..come in and learn what it takes to push your performance….series is designed to help increase your ability to maintain prolong sustained aerobic output

Functional Training Area

TRX suspension training
Curious to learn how to lose weight while building muscle endurance? The NRG LAB TRX class has the answer! our TRX group fitness class is meant to increase your heart rate, fire multiple muscles, and burn more calories than exercise classes held at any traditional gym. TRX will keep you constantly moving from one amazing exercise to the next, utilizing gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. feel better, have fun and get in shape with your fellow classmates
Boot Camp
Build muscle, increase endurance and lose weight!  this circuit style class performed on the training floor and instructed only by personal trainers is designed to take you to your limit and realize your maximum potential.  because of the equipment used and structure of the class we offer two levels.  choose the beginner class and receive more assistance, explanation of basic bootcamp movements or need a more modifiable atmosphere ask a trainer which is right for you.
Functional Training