Sticking to a fitness plan can be particularly difficult and requires a tremendous amount of willpower and motivation. Are you having trouble doing it all by yourself? Consider hiring a private trainer who can push you to the right direction when you feel like quitting your workout altogether. But before you do, here are ten things you must know in choosing a trainer:

  1. What is it going to cost you? Personal and private trainers do not come cheap—but they can be worth the expense. However, an expensive trainer is not necessarily the best fit. At NRG LAB, we offer 2 types of training to help your budget: NRG LAB Private Training and NRG LAB Small Group Training
  2. Are the trainer’s previous customers satisfied with his or her services? Check out NRG LAB Online Reviews and ask around the community.
  3. Do you want to hire a trainer, an instructor, or a coach? At NRG LAB, we offer all three options giving you multiple experiences and variety. What is the difference between and trainer, an instructor or a coach? According to fitness experts, a ‘trainer’ helps you move better and attain proper movement while minimizing risk of injury. An ‘instructor’ makes you stronger and faster through programs that test your limits, while a ‘coach’ is ideal for athletes who want to be better at their game.
  4. Check location and availability. Is the long drive worth it? Or should you just choose the nearest gym? It’s important to remember that the quality of a gym matters more than the distance. At NRG LAB, our philosophy is Convenience, Experience & Results! Location
  5. Are they certified personal trainers? Do they have certification from the AFAA, NASM, or the ACSM or other leading sports institutions? Or are they just self-proclaimed fitness gurus who learned how to exercise from the internet? Unfortunately, may gyms do not have trainers certified by nationally recognized organizations. At NRG LAB, we take the guess work out of credentials and offer personal and private training based upon training tiers.
  6. Choose a trainer that can help you better with their specialty and expertise. If you want to become a better runner, choose someone who specializes in that area. Not all trainers are equal in experience, passion or expertise. Meet our Trainers
  7. Make sure that they listen. If they do not ask about your health history or any previous injury and current health status, then walk away. A good trainer will always ask you pertinent questions so that he or she can design a suitable program. At NRG LAB, your first session is FREE. This give us the opportunity to discover your needs and you the chance to see if we are a good fit.
  8. Set your goals and expectations. Do not expect that you will walk away from the first session with six-pack abs. Set specific (and realistic) goals for each day.
  9. What is your trainer’s philosophy? Your personal trainer’s philosophy and belief will set the tone of the fitness program.
  10. Gauge your compatibility. Arrange an interview and see if the two of you jive. If possible, do a trial run before committing to a certain trainer.

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