NRG Lab is proud to offer a variety of training programs. Ranging from 1 on 1 sessions, to small group training sessions.

You are sure to find a program that helps you obtain your fitness goals.


Max30 Programming

Max30 is small group personal training that gives you the intimate setting of personal training with the flexibility of group exercise. With multiple modalities, you will improve your health through cardio, strength and flexibility. Customize your workout to fit your needs and your schedule.


Max Fight

(30 minutes): Want to hit something?? This is the session for you! Get your heart rate up while building muscle via the heavy bags, weights and cardio! This sessions will leave you feeling recharged and exhausted at the same time!


(45 minutes): Invented by the Navy SEALS, this is a full body workout that will help you develop that lean and toned look. TRX is easy to modify or intensify, so this is a great session for all fitness levels.


(30 minutes): Our signature HIIT workout. Combinations of cardio, strength and core, you will be grateful for the rest periods! 

Max Mobility

(30 minutes): Feeling tight? This session uses foam rollers, PVC pipes and stretching to increase range of motion and decrease pain.


NRG LAB is all about results which only happen through accountability. Our consistent programing, professional team, and supportive community hold you accountable to “Your” goals and dreams.

Max30 Small Group Training

Sessions as low as $20!