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NRGLAB acquires Fitness 1440

Dear NRG LAB Family,

We realize that the past week has been a bit unsettling as we have been graciously hosting members from the nearby Fitness 1440 in Norton! We want to take this opportunity to apologize for not providing you with a “heads up” but truth be told we, along with Fitness 1440 management, did not see this coming!

The immediate priority for Fitness 1440 was to provide a temporary home so their members could continue exercising and their staff could continue working. Because we are just minutes away and provide an exceptional facility, we did what good neighbors should do and welcomed them into our home. The appreciation from their members and staff during this stressful time is directed not only to the team here at NRG LAB, but also to you our valued member. Thank you for your understanding!

Over the past year, Ryan (Owner of Fitness 1440) and I were introduced and discovered we share similar values and beliefs when it comes to serving our Members and running our businesses. Simply put, we both care about our members and want to provide the best product in the fitness industry and each of us have enjoyed the relationship we discovered.

Now here’s the good news and one that most of you probably saw forthcoming…due to the insurmountable differences with Fitness 1440’s landlord and the relationship Ryan and I have developed, both Ryan and I have agreed that the best move for both of our organizations is to join forces and attack this market with service, programming and excellence at the Mansfield location.

1440 Memberships are transferring in at their current membership rates. Current NRG LAB membership rates are $24.95, $34.95 and $89.95. 1440 Members who want advanced class access can upgrade to the premium membership.

How does this benefit ME the Member and NRG LAB?

As an educated consumer and fitness enthusiast, you know the fitness business is a highly competitive industry and getting more competitive every year. The fitness industry offers consumers a variety of gyms, clubs and studio options which is why we currently and will always strive to offer an exceptional member experience.

Through intentional member focused service, quality equipment and programming and the strongest fitness offering in our market, we have built an amazing community here at NRG LAB, making your experience with us as enjoyable and productive as possible.

I know Ryan and his team in Norton have done the same thing,that is creating an exceptional environment based upon service and programming. The merger between Fitness 1440 Norton and NRG LAB Mansfield will further strengthen our Brand and our market position, allowing us the ability to grow and offer you more services and experiences.

Over the next few weeks, we will re-design the strength floor, bring in new equipment to include more benches, dumbbells and cardio equipment; yes, more step mills! We are also working to expand our hours of operations to include 24 hour access while adding child care during the evening and on Sunday.

We could not be more excited to share this opportunity with you while recognizing the significant challenges this merge will bring. We will remain focused on service, our members and results. We will service your wellness needs from a combined effort and deliver more opportunities for you to achieve your fitness goals like never seen before!

Together, we are all about the member experience, convenient offerings and measurable results. There will be growing pains and adjustments that will need to be made, we get it. We will however, continue to focus on you the member as we service your wellness needs and deliver more opportunities for you to achieve your fitness goals through exceptional customer service, facilities and execution.

Thank you for your commitment and engagement with our amazing community and thank you for your patience as we expand the Brand you have come to love at NRG LAB.

At your service,
Luther White
NRG LAB Fitness