Concerned you are not getting proper nutrition? Do you live or near Milford or Mansfield MA? A lot of people turn to nutritional and dietary supplements to augment their nutritional needs. While health practitioners don’t necessarily encourage or forbid the use of these products, it pays to get proper nutrition counseling at NRG Lab in Milford and Mansfield MA before you decide to try or commit to taking any type of dietary supplement. We will help make sure that you are getting the right dose of supplements your body actually needs as well as the right type of minerals to keep your body in optimal shape. Here are some things you should know about nutritional supplements along with other practical nutrition counseling from the NRG LAB  in Milford and Mansfield MA advice that can help you through your health journey:

  • Dietary or nutritional supplements come in many forms, ranging from vitamins and minerals to botanicals, herbal products, enzymes, amino acids, and other such types of products that are designed to help supplement the nutritional requirements of the body. These supplements also take the form of traditional tablets or capsules, powders, drinks, and even energy bars. Some of the most popular nutritional supplements that people take include vitamins D and E, along with minerals like calcium and iron. Herbal products like garlic and echinacea, along with specialty products like fish oils, probiotics, and glucosamine are also widely sought after for their supposed health benefits.
  • It pays to read nutritional supplement labels to examine the contents as well as the types and amounts of active ingredients contained in a dose. Dietary supplements may contain added ingredients such as binders, flavorings, and fillers that may cause adverse effects to your body, especially when you have allergic sensitivities. Manufacturers may also suggest serving size or dosage for different types of supplements, but make sure to consult with your practitioner for some nutrition counseling or visit NRG Lab in Milford and Mansfield MA before proceeding with regular intake.
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