Semi Private Strength Training (SST)

6 Week intro session only $299

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Doing to the same thing over and over while expecting new results is the definition of insanity. Your body will adapt to the exercise or methods you use to stay in shape and you no longer continue to improve. So if you find that you have a consistent routine but are not getting more results: Congratulations, you have plateaued in group fitness and your body is telling you it is time to advance to the next level!

At NRG LAB, we recognize the value of strength training and have developed programming to teach, develop and challenge you on your fitness journey.

Weight training is extremely important to boosting your physical strength and encouraging muscle growth. It seems easy enough—lifting dumbbells around and gradually increasing the weight—diving into it unprepared has the very real possibility of injury without proper form, coaching and guidance.

At NRG LAB, we recognize this risk and have developed a Semi-Private Strength Training Program to coach you through form, programming, equipment and goals. Simply ignoring this specific exercise or training regiment is not the answer while failing to advance your training will only limit your fitness and health.

Semi-Private Strength Training at NRG LAB or SST as we like to call it, will transform your body, your ability and your outlook on fitness. Our expert Trainers will encourage, support, train and teach you many of the latest lifting techniques in the strength world, while protecting your safety and boosting your fitness and confidence level.

Small groups are forming now. Join this program and and receive:

  • Trainer designed full body strength training sessions
  • Personalized modifications and specific guidance and spotting
  • Programs designed for 2 or 3 times per week to fit your schedule
  • 60 minute sessions including warm up, cool down and stretch
  • Body Scan with Fit3d to keep you accountable and on track while you change your body composition.

Semi Private Strength Training at NRG LAB (SST)

6 Week introductory session only $299!


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