Train, Refuel, Recover

The Spa @ NRG LAB delivers a complete rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Relax and treat yourself to a complete spa experience including body work, laser hair removal, facials, waxing—even massage therapy. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be pampered. After all, you deserve it!

Many of our members enjoy a combination day of working out in the gym, then relaxing in the Spa after a shower and a healthy drink from the Fuel Station. But – you don’t even have to be a member to enjoy our Spa! Based on popular demand, our elegant spa is open to members as well as guests.

Enjoy our relaxed environment, and let our licensed spa staff relieve your stress!


Learn more about the massage services offered at NRG Lab.

Laser Treatment

Learn more about the free laser treatment provided at NRG Lab.

Facials and Aesthetics

Learn more about aesthetics services at NRG Lab.


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