NRG Lab’s Transformations program is a small group, high intensity interval training (HIIT), personal training program with a purpose of empowering women through total body transformation. Our program is designed to strengthen your physical, mental and emotional well being through expert coaching, programming, nutrition and accountability.

Located within our private training studio, NRG Lab’s transformations program has eliminated the noise where there are no intimidating crowds or waiting for equipment, all Transformations workouts are delivered by appointment in a private, upscale boutique studio, catering to all of your wellness needs to include Nutrition, Luxury Locker Rooms with Steam and a Spa on site for your complete recovery.

A professionally trained personal trainer coaches up to 5 women at a time, for 60 minute sessions delivering a 4 stage training program that has been scientifically proven to work:

Why Transformations for Women?


To develop muscle tone

Weight training is the secret to boosting your physical strength and encouraging muscle growth. It seems easy enough—lifting dumbbells around and gradually increasing the weight—but fitness professionals would discourage you from diving into it unprepared.

Simply put, you might end up getting physically hurt if you get into weight training without any background or without the assistance of a professional trainer. Transformations at NRG LAB includes this type of physical activity in our program, helping you achieve your fitness goals.


To increase calorie and fat burning and to get your heart in shape

Cardio or aerobic exercise, is a proven way to burn calories and build specific muscles. Unlike weight training however, it is designed to to increase your endurance incrementally so you are not always feeling out of breath of in fear of your heart beating too fast everytime you walk up a flight of stairs or lift something.

Our program includes a Myzone Heart Rate monitor so you and your coach can track and measure your physical exertion in real time, making adjustments and modifications as necessary.

The Cardio portion of NRG LAB’s Transformation program is designed to supplement your muscle strength training while boosting your stamina and overall physical fitness.


What good would a consistent and rigorous workout routine be if you don’t make healthy choices to go along with it?

We will provide you with the tools needed to make the right food choices while giving you easy to understand nutrition guidelines that allow you to tailor your own meals to fit your needs.

By providing ideas for the hard days or just those days where you need some inspiration, our team of Coaches have you covered and will keep you on track. Our easy to follow guidelines, meal ideas and accountability make this part of our Transitions program manageable and is designed to allow you to build a lifestyle with the foods you like, on your schedule ~ for life.


Because nobody can do it alone!

Finally, NRG LAB is all about results which only happen through accountability. Our consistent programing, professional coaches and supportive community hold you accountable to “Your” goals and dreams.

Every week you will have the ability to weigh in or utilize our Fit3d body scan equipment delivering consistent, private measurements, weight and images to measure you journey along the way.

Our Transformation and weight loss programs require your engagement and is met with our amazing coaches who are passionate about YOUR success. This committed relationship allows you to obtain your goals within a specific timeframe. All we need is your determination and commitment and we will provide the path to reach your goal.
Weight loss is attainable, when you really set your mind to it! Schedule a free trial with us and learn how to get started on your body transformation journey today!

Transformations For Women
Small Group Training

6 Week introductory session only $299!


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